About Talks and Posters

Besides a series of plenary talks by invited speakers of approx. 50 min., there will be room for a very limited number of short communications of about 20 min. A Poster Session will be organized as well.

You can choose to register yourself for a poster or a talk.

Selection procedure

The selection criteria for talks will be the following (in order of importance): Results of the selection will be communicated to the interested people by e-mail. Soon after, the definitive program will be published on the Web page of the workshop. Details will be circulated around mid May 2006.

Inscription for a talk / poster

If you want to inscribe yourself for a short talk or poster, please proceed as follows: After the deadline April 22, 2006, the title and abstract fields in the registration form will not be modifiable any more. If you want to make changes to your title/abstract after this date, please write an e-mail to conformal@bo.infn.it . However, your new proposal must undergo re-examination by the scientific board.


A collection of titles/abstracts of the presented talks/posters will be published on the Web and also in a little booklet to be distributed to the participants. So the higher the care you have in preparing your abstract, possibly with refs. to your paper(s) on the subject, the better you are advertising your work.
We plan to collect the slides of the talks to create a sort of Web Proceedings of the Conference. If somebody prepares transparencies for their talk in one of LyX, LaTeX, FoilTeX, SliTeX, Postscript, Pdf or OpenOffice formats, we greatly appreciate sending us a copy of the file(s) in order to distribute them electronically after the Workshop. The transparencies should be sent as attachment by e-mail to conformal@bo.infn.it, with subject "Lecture notes: first_name family_name".
Those who prepare their slides by handwriting will be asked after their talk to leave the transparencies to local organizers of the conference for scanning.

Proceedings - At the time of writing the present notes, we have not yet decided if there will be any proceedings of the Workshop. The very limited budget at our disposal strongly discourages this possibility. We shall keep our participants informed.