Hotel Accomodation

We have booked a number of rooms in some Hotels in Bologna, all at walking distance from the Workshop place. Special prices have been agreed for the conference participants. They are kindly asked to arrange their own booking directly with the Hotels referring to the code "CFT 2006", in order to enjoy the discounted prices. The options are available for a limited period only, up to May 31, 2006. Later, the normal (higher) prices of the hotels will be applied and availability of rooms could become more problematic.

To reserve, please see the list below, choose the hotel you prefer, call the hotel (or send an email where possible) to verify the availability by mentioning that you are a participant to the conference CFT 2006,  then print out the registration form, given here in PDF format for each hotel, fill in and send via fax to the hotel.

Please note that:

The organizers cannot provide any reservation service for the hotels

Please do not send reservation fax to us. Thank you for understanding and for the help you give us this way. The forms we provide already refer to the code CFT 2006 (or are related to it in way clear for the hotel booking desk), so the discount will be applied. This discount is not guaranteed if you reserve through other means without referring to the code CFT 2006. 

For a location of the hotels, see the Bologna Centre Map. Also, read the page How to reach for further information on how to get to the hotels. 

NB for car drivers: that cars of non-resident cannot enter the town centre from 8a.m. to 20p.m. without special permit. Some hotels provide parking facilities. In this case you have to ask them instructions on how to obtain the permit to drive into the town centre and reach the hotel parking. Please take this seriously, as the fines for accessing the town centre without permit are very high and you cannot escape, as there are cameras taking photos of the car's plate at the access points to the centre. For a very limited number of cars we can provide parking in the Phys. Dept. if you tell us very in advance. The Phys. Dept. is out of the limited traffic zone of the centre.

*NB*     Deadline for Hotel Reservations May 31, 2006        *NB*

(Hotel Pallone -> May 20)

after the deadline these prices and availability of rooms are not guaranteed

Here below please find the list of conventioned hotels:

If you want to try alternative accomodation, a searchable index of hotels is given at the Web page of the Italian Tourist Web Guide Hotels in Bologna. However, be extremely careful not to rely on the Internet Reservation that some Hotels offer. Use traditional telephone or fax instead.