Hotel Accomodation

We have reserved 7 single, 5 double and 2 triple rooms at the San Giorgio hotel, located in the centre of the medieval town, 10 min. walking distance from the Phys. Dept. where the Workshop will take place. Continental breakfast is included. All rooms have private bathroom. Prices per room (if shared please divide):

We have also reserved 5 single and 10 double rooms at the newly opened Albergo Pallone Guesthouse. This is a low cost accomodation, clean but more spartan than S. Giorgio hotel. It is very close (5 min. walk) from the Phys. Dept. Rooms do not have a private bath, but there are very clean shared baths every 3 rooms. Breakfast is included. Prices per room (if shared, please, divide)

From the above list of rooms you notice that the available single room accomodations are limited in number. Therefore we ask you to be prepared to share a room, should this be necessary. In the registration form you can indicate your preferences for the person with whom to share the room.

Also notice the following VERY IMPORTANT fact, we shall never be tired to repeat: both hotels ask us to communicate the exact and definitive list of guests well in advance (on September 10 at latest). Therefore, we strongly urge all of our guests to confirm in a definite way their arrival by that date. Unfortunately, if somebody changes plans later, he/she has to pay the entire sum of the stay. We are sorry for this further inconvenience, but this is what the hotels dictate us.

For applicants exceeding the 48 reserved places, accomodation in Hotels that have a convention with the University will be considered. Expect to pay around 100 EUR per night for a single room, and 140 EUR in double rooms. To assign the places, a first come first serve basis will be applied.

Be careful, that to find hotel accomodation other than the one provided by us could become very problematic. If you want to try this alternative, a searchable index of hotels is given at the Web page of the Italian Tourist Web Guide Hotels in Bologna  (we also have a (nonsearchable) list of hotels). However, be extremely careful not to rely on the Internet Reservation that some Hotels offer. Use traditional telephone or fax instead. Also, note that hotel accomodation of reasonable standard costs at least double than the conventioned prices listed above.