Iterating what was already done in October 1993 and September 1995 we are pleased to announce the

3rd Bologna Workshop on:


and their applications to Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics

to be held at the Department of Physics of Bologna University (Italy), on October 1-4, 1997 (inclusive). The Workshop is organized jointly by Bologna, Firenze and Milano Universities and their INFN sections. It is intended to be an informal exchange of ideas at an advanced technical level among researchers working in this rapidly evolving field.


Speakers will include:

Besides a series of plenary talks (of approx. 50 min), there will be room for a number of short communications of about 30 min. See the information on talks page for more details about this.
If you wish to participate, please complete the application form before August 24, 1997. On the same form you can also put your request to give a short communication if interested. If your WWW browser does not support forms, send an e-mail to

Unfortunately, due to a limited budget we are not able to support travel, living and accomodation expenses for the participants. They should therefore be financially supported by their home institution.

Useful Information (available soon)

Hoping to see you in October under the Two Towers , we send you our best wishes.

The Scientific Board                        The local Organizing Commettee:
Andrea Cappelli (Firenze - Italy)           Ennio Quattrini (Bologna - Italy)
Claudio Destri (Milano - Italy)             Francesco Ravanini (Bologna - Italy)
Patrick Dorey (Durham - UK)                 Davide Fioravanti (Bologna - Italy)
Francesco Ravanini (Bologna - Italy)        Giovanni Feverati (Bologna - Italy)
Denis Bernard (Saclay - France)